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A New Direction – Update

Although I don’t keep this blog very updated, I wanted to share on here an update of the next steps in my life.

I am moving to Thailand for eight months to join an anti-trafficking organization with the goal of ending modern slavery.

I will be helping in a variety of ways, including working at increasing their awareness and developing the marketing for this small organization.

I have a full blog dedicated to this trip, with lots more information about what I’ll be doing and the organization I’ll be working with.

Visit my Thailand Mission Trip Blog to learn more about the epidemic of modern slavery, and how I am trying to fight it.

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. I will be continuing to work on my blogging and internet marketing while on the mission trip, and I hope to continue to keep this blog updated with my SEO and blogging experiences as I go along.

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Blogging on Blogger – Experiences and Tips

This will cover some of my experiences and various things I have learned while using Google’s blogging platform, called Blogger.

This is the second post in a series of posts about Internet Marketing and how I got into it. Read my previous post, My Start in Internet Marketing, to start at the beginning.

How I Started Using Blogger

I initially started a blog with Blogger on a bit of a whim. I had been looking into different website

screenshot okinawa travel guide blog

This is a screenshot of my blog about Okinawa

building websites and blogging platforms but I was drawn in by Blogger because if its simplicity and ease of use.

So one evening I set up a blog on a topic that was easy for me to write about – soccer. As I edited the blog theme, and started adding content and pages, I realized that not only was this a lot of fun, it was also possibly much more lucrative compared to my previous experiences.

On a free Blogger blog, you can put Google Adsense ads, or any other ads you want to generate income from. So far in my experiences with WordPress, this is not possible on a free account.

I quickly launched my new soccer blog and began to post regularly about soccer topics. While I was not getting much, if any, traffic, I was enjoying learning how to use Blogger and run my own blog to much to mind.

After only a week or two, I started my second blog, focusing on the island of Okinawa, Japan. With this blog I did a better job making it look appealing, and more organized. I also spent more time doing keyword research, and learning about my competition on those keywords. I decided to focus specifically on Things to do in Okinawa, and thus post reviews and ideas of things for people to do while living on or visiting the island.

One important tip I learned from my Okinawa Travel Guide blog was that you have to focus on a niche topic if you want to have a chance of ranking in search engines. Niche blogging allows you to focus an entire blog or website on a specific topic, like Okinawa, and thus generate a lot of content on that one topic. This makes the blog look like an expert on that specific topic, which it is.

Taking what I had learned form my first two blogs, I started two more in the following months that focus on niche topics. These two blogs now generate thousands of visitors a week, with one of them often ranking in the first position on the first page of Google for the most lucrative keywords.

What caused their success? Well I honestly can’t claim all that much credit, they sort of just took off. But I can pass along two tips that certainly helped.

The first tip is one I mentioned above, but is so important it deserves mentioning again – make niche blogs.

The second tip is to try and find topics that have low competition, or an unmet need of information.

Begin by brainstorming specific blog topics you could write about, then use Google’s keyword tool to check keywords and traffic. Next, search for these topics in search engines and see what kind of websites come up. If there is a lot of competition, such as large websites dedicated to that topic, then you probably don’t want to try to compete with them. But if there are only blogs or lower quality websites with not much information, then this could be a good topic to start a blog about.

Probably the most important tip is to just start practicing. Start a blog and get some experience with it, and use what you learned from that on the next one.

Coming soon – why I like Blogger over other blogging platforms.

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Real Simple SMM Tips – Just the Basics

I thought I would put a post together with some basic SMM tips I have learned along the way. For experienced marketers, you probably know most of these, but for new-ish internet marketers, I hope these will give you some ideas into an often daunting aspect of internet marketing.

These tips will generally focus on Social Media Marketing, but there might be a few freebies on other topics scattered in.

Tip #1 If you don’t already have them, create accounts on as many social websites as you can handle keeping up with. At least ensure you are apart of the major social media websites such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook.

If you already have personal accounts on each of these websites you might want to take a moment and decide whether you will use your personal account or create a new account for promoting your writing.

If you write on a niche topic (such as How to Blog) you might want to create new accounts that are totally focused on that niche. If you write on multiple blogs or article websites, then you might want to use one personal account.

Once you have your accounts set up (and put as much information in the profile as you can) start adding/following/friending as many people who have interests in topics you write about or appear to have similar interests.

This can be a slow process but the best way to do it is to get into the habit of searching and adding a few people everyday on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. That way it is a natural increase over time instead of a huge spammy mass-adding of people. It is always better to build things slowly and naturally rather than use dubious methods to mass-add people.

While adding people, try to interact as much as possible. Re tweet  share, or +1 your followers posts. Try to engage people and develop a network of people who will be more likely to share your posts.

The key is not how many people follow you, but how many people are willing to interact with you, and read the links you share. If you have 50,000 followers on twitter, but no one reads the blogs or links you post there, whats the point? It would be better to have 100 followers who are all interested in the work you put out.

Both quality and quantity count.

Tip #2 Coming Soon in the next post!

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My Start in Internet Marketing

I got into internet marketing through a summer internship working on start up

Hubpages Article

The Article that Generated daily traffic, and sparked my return to Internet Marketing

websites and blogs.

I learned the basics of backlinks, blogging, article marketing, SEO, SMM, and many other skills in just a few short months. It was the most enjoyable job I’ve had, because I was able to learn, and then put what I learned into practice.

It felt like I was on a new frontier, exploring the unexplored (although plenty of people had explored internet marketing before me).

Unfortunately, after a summer of creating websites, applying my newly learned SEO and blogging skills, and watching these websites rank higher and higher in Google, I stopped learning and doing when the internship ended.

I returned to school in the fall, and continued my studies on the path to a degree in marketing.

My short internet marketing career could easily have ended as fast as it began, except for one website that drew me back in.

While doing my internet marketing internship I signed up for lots of accounts on various social bookmarking and article marketing websites such as Reddit, Technorati, Digg, EzineArticles, and StumbleUpon.

I also joined a website called HubPages.

HubPages allows users to create a free subdomain and publish articles on that subdoimain. It also shares revenue earned from advertising on these articles.

When I joined hubPages I used it for it’s SEO benefits, writing a few articles with links back to the blogs I was working on. I also wrote a few articles just for fun on topics I was experienced with.

When I finished my internship, I had published 6 articles on HubPages. I didn’t expect anything out of it, but over the next 2 years I checked back and found that these 6 articles were not only generating daily traffic, but some of them were ranking on the first page of Google for several keywords.

After a little feet dragging, I decided I aught to at least sign up for the HubPages Ad program and try to earn a little money from the articles I had already published.

Before I knew it, I was making about a quarter a day, and the desire to make money online was ignited.

I now have more than 30 Articles on my HubPages Subdomain (feel free to check it out), and I periodically write new articles there for old times sake.

While I still write and earn some money through HubPages, I have branched out into other, potentially more lucrative opportunities.

But HubPages is a great place for anyone to start learning about internet marketing, keywords, ranking in google, and advertising income.

Go to Part 2 – My Experiences with Blogger

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New Blog – Expectations

First post, more to come!

Looking forward to delivering a centralized stream of information regarding my internet marketing activity. This blog will serve as a hub for the information I gather and distribute.

Look for information about how I got my start in Internet Marketing, What tools I used and the most important tips new Internet Marketers should know.

More to come soon!